Hydrotherapy with Micronized Seaweeds 20 min. 49.00 BGN

Hydromassage bath with micronized seaweed, rich in mineral salts which not only feed up and energize the skin but also have a tightening and weight loosing effect.

Pearl Bath 20 min. 33.00 BGN

Using the thermal effect and the salt content of the mineral water the pearl bath touches the whole body. The relaxing and revitalizing effect is achieved by the pearl bubbles touching skin’s receptors.

Whirlpool Bath 20 min. 33.00 BGN

The whirlpool bath combines the aroma effect of the water streams, aimed at body’s reflection zones with the healthy influence of the minerals rich water. The toning effect is guaranteed!

Combined Bath 20 min. 39.00 BGN

This procedure combines the relaxing and the revitalizing effect of the mineral water with the aroma-therapeutical effect of sea salts and herbal flavors.

Таngentor / Underwater Massage 20 min. 39.00 BGN

A bath with warm sea water. This procedure has an extraordinary relaxing and recovering effect. The gentle water jets massage your body and supply it with vital minerals and microelements. It could be applied with oils, micronized sea weeds and herbs.