Anti-Cellulite Therapy with Green Tea and Caffeine - 70 min 79.00 BGN

A whole body mask with green tea and caffeine extract. A perfect way of correcting your weight and eliminating the cellulite forms. The aroma of the green tea and citrus fruits has a pleasant freshness feeling. The therapy ends with anti-cellulite massage.

Express Weight Loss Therapy with Green Tea and Sea Pearls - 70 min. 89.00 BGN

A mask for problematic body areas with a rich content extracts of green, white and black tea. An antitoxic complex, having the ability to stimulate the detoxification. Diuretic and fat-damaging effect. This therapy sculpts and tightens the silhouette. Ends with anti-cellulite massage with sea pearls.

Аnticellulite Therapy with Concentrate of Ghuarana - 70 min 89.00 BGN

Body mask with aroma: mud rich in minerals, enzymes, phytohormones, vitamins and ether oils, effective for curing of muscle pains, joints and sport injuries. By adding an ampoule of concentrate of Ghuarana, rich in caffeine and strong anticellulite effect, you will combine the pleasure with efficiency! That therapy encludes anticellulite massage.

Тhallasso Therapy with Micronized Seaweeds - 70 min 79.00 BGN

This perfect combination of sea, organic and mineral substances will discharge the piled toxins in the organism. Seaweeds recreate missing minerals. The mask tightens tissues, improves elasticity and stimulates better generation of collagen and ellastin in the skin. This therapy eliminates fats and cellulite formations. Stimulates cell regeneration and involves anticellulite massage as a final treatment.

Аnti-Cellulite Massage - 20 min 35.00 BGN

Vigorous effect on hypodermic cellulite depots and muscles would provide very good blood circulation and drainage, would improve skin nourishment and absorption of anticellulite creams and oils, producing ellastin and collagen. The tissues will tone and tighten. We recommend you to make minimum 7 procedures every other day in combination with other anticellulite therapies, and you are going to enjoy beautiful and slender hips and tight figure.

Dеrmosonic Combined with Ultrasound - 30 min 29.00 BGN

The most modern and effective method, alternative toliposucktion and is an obligatory supplement to them. The controlled negative pressure (vacuum) massages the tissues from inside to the outside, thus providing a real lymph drainage, which function is to strengthen the blood vessels, destroy fat accumulations, reshape the body, and exfoliate skin and improve its elasticity. Ultrasound helps to destruct the fibrous sediments and cellulite slags, enlarges the blood influx and warms up the tissues. Enhances adsorbing the anticellulite gels applied during the so called ultra iontophoresis.

Pressor-Therapy - 20 min 25.00 BGN

Suitable for women having effluent and hard cellulite, circulation problems, varicose veins. It is based on controlled pressure via air pressure applied on the tissues. According to the program chosen and deepness of effect, an exclusively effective lymph drainage of the cellulite fluids is achieved, which has controlled surface effect or a deep vein flow-out and tissue relief.


Dermosonic - 5 procedures - 135.00 BGN

Dermosonic - 10 procedures - 250.00 BGN

Pressotherapy - 5 procedures - 99.00 BGN

Pressotherapy - 10 procedures - 179.00 BGN

Dermosonic + Pressotherapy - 5 procedures - 229.00 BGN

Dermosonic + Pressotherapy - 10 procedures - 399.00 BGN

*If you don’t have the time for everyday procedures, you can spread them into a month and have more patience, to achieve the desired effect. But in any case your mulishness and dedication will give you the result – the tighter body, smoother, silhuette and the higher spirit!


Face Cleaning - 60 min. 55.00 BGN

Eye Contour Therapy - 40 min. 49.00 BGN

Vitamin Therapy - 60 min. 69.00 BGN

Elastin Therapy - 60 min. 69.00 BGN

Cоllagen Therapy - 60 min. 69.00 BGN

Oxygen Therapy - 60 min. 125.00 BGN

Face Therapy “Gold Magic” - 60 min. 115.00 BGN

Face Therapies with DECLEOR cosmetics

Soothing Therapy „Second Skin” - 60 min. 99.00 BGN

Deep Cleaning Biphasic Therapy - 60 min. 120.00 BGN

Therapy „Prolagen Lifting 40+” - 60 min. 135.00 BGN

Face Therapies with Dr. Spiller cosmetics

Luxury rejuvenating Face Therapy Celltresor - 60 min. 130.00 BGN

Anti-stress and rejuvenating Face Therapy for men - 40 min. 75.00 BGN

SilkyFace Therapy - 60 min. 129.00 BGN

Exclusive Face Therapy "Cellosophy Cellebration" - 60 min. 149.00 BGN

Bio SPA Face Therapy with antioxidants, thyme and vitamin E - 40 min. 55.00 BGN

Face Therapies with BDR cosmetics

Lifting Face Therapy with Led Lamp / Dry and Sensitive Skin / - 60 min. 119.00 BGN

*Lifting Therapy for neck and neckline / Dry and Sensitive Skin / - 30 min. 59.00 BGN

Lifting Face Therapy with Led Lamp / for Oily, Combined and Acne skin / - 60 min 120.00 BGN

*Lifting Therapy for neck and neckline / for Oily, Combined and Acne skin / - 30 min. 59.00 BGN

Machine Treatments with “OXYCOOL” - OXYGEN

Face Therapywith Pure Oxygen - 10 min. 29.00 BGN

Face Therapywith Pure Oxygen and an Ampoule /Collagen, Elastin, Seeweeds/ for deep hydratation - 60 min. 79.00 BGN

Rejuvenating Face Therapy withPure Oxygen and hyaluronic acid - 60 min. 79.00 BGN

Facial Massage - 20 min. 30.00 BGN

Facial Mask - 25.00 BGN

Brush Peeling - 15.00 BGN

Eybrow Shaping - 10.00 BGN

Eybrow Coloring - 10.00 BGN


Waxing ½ hands - women - 10.00 BGN

Waxing of ½ hands - men - 15.00 BGN

Waxing of hands - women - 15.00 BGN

Waxing of hands - men - 18.00 BGN

Waxing of ½ legs - 20.00 BGN

Waxing – legs - 30.00 BGN

Waxing – moustache - 5.00 BGN

Waxing – armpits - 10.00 BGN

Brazilian waxing - 10.00 BGN

French waxing - 15.00 BGN


Epilation of legs - 189.00 BGN

Epilation of ½ legs - 159.00 BGN

Epilation of hands - 159.00 BGN

Epilation of ½ hands - 109.00 BGN

Epilation of Intimate Zones 1+2+3 - 109.00 BGN

Epilation of Intimate Zone 1 - 45.00 BGN

Epilation of Intimate Zone 2 - 45.00 BGN

Epilation of Intimate Zone 3 - 79.00 BGN

Epilation of Artmpits - 45.00 BGN

Epilation of Belly Line - 39.00 BGN

Epilation of Neckline - 39.00 BGN

Epilation of Zone around the Navel - 39.00 BGN

Areols - 25.00 BGN

Epilation of Upper Lip - 19.00 BGN

Epilation of Whiskers - 29.00 BGN

Epilation of Chin - 29.00 BGN